Books to spur your antiracist learning, and your family’s.

Yesterday, a member of the Minneapolis Police Department kneeled on George Floyd’s neck until he choked to death while three officers stood by. The pattern that followed — and yes, it is a pattern — is familiar. A protest planned via social media. Twitter and Instagram posts about racism and…

How I Survived a Minnesota Winter When Communing Indoors Wasn’t Allowed

We’ve all heard it: hygge. A beautiful practice handed to us from Denmark with a boost from Norway, hygge is the art of coziness and comfort. First, let’s clarify. It’s pronounced HYOO-guh, not higgy. Language counts, get it right. Purse your lips and pull those corners in: hygge.

For those…

On the Dangers of Naming Ourselves Woke White Teachers

The first time I garnered credit for fighting racism, I was fifteen. On the heels of a racially-charged, violent attack/conflict/atrocity that is not my story to tell, I was part of a group of students that came together to plan a way to address the racism in our school. We…

Laurie Hahn Ganser

Queen of the momselfie. Champion of the written word. Official member of the Sad Girls Club. Published by Huffington Post, Shakesville, and Herstry.

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